Thursday, May 14, 2009

Oh, These TImes...

This Liberal is sick of it, lately - tired of the BS. It seems like we lost Father Richard Neuhaus just when we needed him most. The world lately has been a zoo of a cultural battlefield. The issues are hot, hot, hot.

I feel like we're at a critical time. The voices of relativism have never been more shrill or powerful. I think it's make or break - it's a time when we have to speak up or, as they say, forever hold our peace.

It's not so much a case of arguing a point. Most who attempt to stick up for the Faith (or any faith, for that matter) find that it is something far different. In these times, it is a battle for your life, for your good name, or even for your ability to say anything at all. You see, the enemies of the Faith are not interested in dialogue - although they will encourage you to assume that they are. It's not an honest argument. They will choose the high ground and insist that you occupy the low ground. They will take your point of view, a priori, as immoral. It's a shrill, nerve-racking, confusing battle to the death.

Take Miss California. You gotta love 'er. The poor woman is battling for her life - her career - and she's only twenty two! And a girl!

Here's the point, People. Do you want the foremost defender, the highest-profile defender, of traditional values to be a twenty-two year old blonde from California? We all love Miss California, but there is a word for those who allow young women to fight their battles for them. They're called cowards. That's you and me, Folks.

What can you do? Stand up. Pray about it. I'm pretty sure that you'll find that you have opportunities to stand up for marriage, to stand up for life, or to stand up for religion in the public square. Write a letter to the editor. Respond to a Facebook comment. Wear a T-shirt.

You'll be rewarded with scorn, contempt, and personal attacks. Trust me. But you know what? That's all they have. They don't have reason. They don't have the moral high ground. All they have is the tools of their Father: fear, confusion, intimidation. Those who whisper in their ear will give them a creativity that is, well, diabolical.

You remember the part about denying him before men, etc.? This is that part. If you don't stand up now, it's not going to get any easier next time. It's now, People. It's make or break.

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dch said...

Great post. You've expressed the same frustration I feel dealing with that mindset. Good to see you posting again!