Friday, September 19, 2008

On Our Crappy Media

This from CNN today: Todd Palin: 'first dude' or 'shadow governor?'.

Can you believe it? Just imagine. Imagine them saying this about Barack Obama. Can you?

The criticisms of the media regarding their treatment of Ms. Palin had not really moved me until now. But this is absurd.

And another thing - it is thoroughly tinged with sexism. Throughout Hilary Clinton's campaign she claimed her time as first lady as foreign policy experience. Now, examining a woman in an executive position, her spouse's involvement in official activities is an indication that he is in a dominating role?

I'm sure CNN will say that they are only speculating based on what other people have said. Note the quotation marks in the title. But the fact remains that Mr. Obama has not been subjected to such scathing, intrusive attention.

We need to demand more conservative media. The domination of media by the political left is unbearable at times. There was a time in this country when there were more choices in media consumption, or at least more diversity. Somehow we have gotten to where we are now. The only solution that I can see is patronizing and supporting conservative news outlets. At least we have some, such as the Wall Street Journal and Fox News. But it needs to be more on the ground. It may take some time, but I believe we will see it one day.

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