Friday, August 29, 2008

On the Selection of Ms. Palin

I was just watching McCain's introduction of Governor Sarah Palin of Alaska on the TV at the gym, and I have to admit a little tear came to my eye. My first impression is: wow, she's tough to beat.

A mother of five, a political outsider, solid conservative credentials, pro-life, good looking... and, oh, did I mention she's a woman? Wow.

The thought occurred to me that even if McCain and Palin don't win, there will be a great benefit for America in this campaign. This is really the first time a succesful, intelligent woman who is pro-life has been featured in a high-profile capacity in our country. My hope is that she shatters the image that you have to leave your fertility at the door if you are a woman and you want to be something.

Palin mentioned in her acceptance that her eldest son will be deployed to Iraq next month. Wow, again. This is a moment for the Republicans, and hopefully one that they can capitalize upon. Viva Maverick!

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