Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Erin and I arrived in Paris on Saturday morning. We flew bargain airline Ryanair, which was like no other airline I have ever travelled. Suffice to say that the seats did not recline and every square inch of the plane was plastered with advertisements for cheap flights. Flight attendants asked if you wanted a beverage, and if you stopped to consider, they were already on to the next person. It was interesting, in a not terribly pleasing way to fly.

France has been great. We've been to the Louvre and to Versailles. The Louvre is humongous, and it is crammed with people. Erin and I went to the section with the Mona Lisa, which was filled with loud tourists on their way to see the famed DaVinci masterpiece. Once there, the most popular thing to do was apparently have your picture taken with the Mona Lisa in the background. The crowd was about eight to ten persons thick in every direction around the picture. Erin and I just peeked to say that we saw it and moved on. We found the least populated portion of the Louvre and spent the rest of the afternoon there.

We've both been able to read a ton of books. I read a good history of London, a history of England by Chesterton, and I'm currently in the midst of Brideshead Revisited by Waugh. I highly recommend Brideshead for travel reading.

Tomorrow we're going to take it easy and see some more sights in Paris. It's tough to upload pictures, though. I'm sure it would make the post more interesting.

Looking forward to seeing you all. Best.

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