Thursday, May 08, 2008


I'm reading (listening to) a great book by Kathryn Spink on Mother Theresa, foundress of the Missionaries of Charity. A good story:

Mother Theresa recieved the Nobel Peace Prize in 1979. At the time she was an Indian citizen. India was, rightfully, very proud of her. One night after her return to India from Sweden, a leper came knocking on the door of the mother house in Calcutta. The leper wanted to speak to MT. He had heard that she had won "some type of award" and wanted to congratulate her. He brought her a few small Indian coins worth about thirty cents as a gift for her. She kept those coins on a shelf in her room for months.

And the Nobel prize? She forgot the Nobel Medal in a coat room after the ceremony and it had to be returned to her by mail.

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