Tuesday, April 22, 2008

On Earth Day

I'm not a huge Earth-Day guy.

What are we celebrating on Earth Day? I suppose that the reply of many Earth-Day enthusiasts would be "the Earth". Well, why are we celebrating the Earth? Again, I believe the reply would be that we enjoy the Earth when it is nice and clean and we do not enjoy it so much when it is nasty and dirty. Hmm. I agree with my imaginary interlocutor so far.

Al Gore, in the recent past, stated that we need to create a new society, a society centered around concern for the environment. Hmm. Not so much agreement now.

I would describe Mr. Gore's statement as imbalanced. Why would we want to put concern for the environment at the center of our culture? I'm not asking facetious. What is the reason?

Any culture destined for survival is centered on persons. The Earth is never, ever more important than the poorest, most forgotten human being. It sounds saccharine, but it is absolutely true. This is the crime of abortion motivated by environmentalism. Abortion advocacy is usually prancing through the petunias hand-in-hand with environmental alarmism.

Balanced, and therefore good, environmentalism is based on persons. How do persons reasonably participate in their environment? Are we acting as good stewards to the Creation that God has gifted us with? Will there be enough for our descendants to enjoy? What is the fair distribution of resources, and how can I share them?

True respect from the Earth comes from balanced lifestyles. You wanna help the environment? Work closer to home. Stop watching so much television. Take a walk. In short, be aware of your surroundings and participate in your community. This is not so simple, and would be difficult to accomplish by legislation.

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