Tuesday, April 29, 2008

4/29/08 News Recap

Robert Novak scolds bishops, and it works!

Cardinal Egan wrote a public reprimand to Rudy Guiliani after a Robert Novak column criticized the bishops for not doing enough to publicly deter pro-abortion politicians from receiving communion. It may seem small, but it's the first public reprimand of a major politician by the ordinary of a major American Catholic diocese. Novak's original column is worth checking out: For Pro-Choice Politicians, a Pass With the Pope.

Cardinal Egan Says Giuliani Shouldn’t Have Received Communion From Pope, from the New York Times

Miley's Sorry, but not That Sorry

I haven't read much on this story, but I've seen the photo online. It's skanky. I won't post the photo here, cause we have more class than that here at This Liberal Blog (disregard the picture of Rudy in drag, above). So she says she's sorry. If she's so sorry about the picture, why hasn't she asked Vanity Fair not to run the spread, which hasn't come out yet? Dollah, dollah bills, ya'all. Sure, she's probably got a contract with Vanity Fair, but I'm sure her people had a good deal of creative control over the content. This smells funny.

BTW, she looks like a rape victim in the picture. How old is she, 15?
Miley sorry for racy photo, from the Detroit Free Press

Obama Feigns Rage over Jerimiah Wright's Recent Comments

This is probably the most interesting story of the day. I considered blogging on Wright's recent comments, but never had the chance. He didn't really say anything new in the last week, but his explanations of his previous comments were rife with blog-able quotations. Obama has gone from "I can no more condemn him than I can my own grandmother" to being "outraged" and calling Wright "ridiculous". Ridiculous, indeed, but what's the new motivation to throw him under the bus, Barack? He really hasn't said anything new. I think the water just got too hot, but then Obama's not a man to stick too long on an issue.

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