Friday, September 28, 2007

On Myanmar

I have been watching the protests in Myanmar with some interest. I believe that it is a stellar example of a culture calling upon its deepest resources: the deposit of religious faith.

For those who haven't been following the news, Buddhist monks in Myanmar have been leading a week of protests against a military government that has been in place for 45 years. In Myanmar, the monks are revered very highly.

For the first few days, the demonstrations were peaceful. In the last two days, the military government has forcefully attempted to squelch the protests, in several occasions firing into crowds of protesters. Yesterday, the military began occupying monasteries and arresting monks.

This is what it's all about people. Religious men and women, in the sense of consecrated persons such as monks and nuns, live lives of sacrifice in order to serve the community. The Buddhist monks in Myanmar are providing a living example of what religion is all about. If a culture is akin to an organism, religious are the soul. They are providing the courage the people of Myanmar need to resist an unjust and repressive government.

Keep the people of Myanmar in your thoughts and prayers. Let's hope the events of the following days do not break the back of an obviously noble people.

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