Thursday, September 13, 2007

On Humanism

For your consideration, I present this article from the Worcester Telegram entitled "Humanists Re-emerge".

Where does one even begin a dialogue on the place of religion in public life when material like this is considered fit for publication? So let's see, I must be part of the "muscle-bound religious right" who are constantly bullying the poor humanist/atheists. The whole tone of the article is that of a fourteen-year old boy educating his parents about their "old-timey" religion.

Seriously, where is the dialogue supposed to begin? The author of this article obviously considers all those who would disagree with his point of view as backwoods hicks. The cutting irony is that he is so very guilty of just the kind of short-sightedness he is bewailing. Modern liberals bewail the ignorance of the religious conservative while remaining entirely ignorant of his views.

Dialogue in this case is truly analagous to that of the parents of the fourteen-year old atheist. I just wish the Telegram could find some adult writers.

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This Liberal said...

I wrote an email to the author of the above-referenced article, inviting him to take a look at my comment and encouraging him to comment. He responded by email with the following:

"Anthony: Oh to be 14 again. Melady"

Evidently he doesn't know where to begin the conversation, either.