Thursday, March 22, 2007

On Human Sexuality

Hello, faithful blog readers. I am writing to talk to both of you about my opinions and recent reflections on human sexuality.

Hmm... Where to begin?

Why sexual ethics at all? That's a good place to begin. Why not just let the chips fall where they may and not worry about it? Why is it something that needs to be controlled at all?

Great question.

Let's see now... Maybe it's not really such a great question. I think that a brief examination will reveal that most people think that abstinence outside of marriage is desirable. This thought may not be at the forefront of consciousness, but I believe it is there for pretty much everyone. I think the real consideration is not "is it valuable?" but "is it reasonable?". Isn't it just too damn hard for normal people to do? And even if it were worth something, would it be worth all of the trouble?

That's a good question. I don't know where to begin to answer it. It takes a great deal of faith to believe that it is possible, and faith is often in short supply.

One important factor, I believe, is asking the following question: "Am I worth it?". Do I really believe that I am worthy of the absolute gift of self that abstinence makes possible? Is the person that I am with worth it?

There is kind of a fairy-tale element to chastity, which is why it is so closely associated with chivalry. The idea of waiting for marriage seems to be something relagated the world of knights and ladies and dragons. But isn't it just this element that makes relationships what they are? In a way, don't we all want to achieve something, or have something achieved on our behalf?

It's really about a woman chained up in a cave, captive to a fire-breathing monster. Are you going to go in the fucking cave, or not?

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