Thursday, February 22, 2007

More St. Joesmaria

Here's another St. Josemaria gem:

I was speaking before about sorrow and suffering and tears. Without contradicting what I said then, I can affirm that the disciple who lovingly seeks the Master finds that sadness, worries and afflictions now taste very differently: they disappear as soon as we truly accept God’s Will, as soon as we carry out his plans gladly, as faithful children of his, even though our nerves may seem to be at breaking point and the pain impossible to bear. (Friends of God, 310-311)

I like the visceral description of suffering that he gives: "... nerves at the breaking point and the pain impossible to bear." For those of us (maybe all of us) whose feelings ring loud in their soul, it is important to remember that those feelings pass, and leave us a certain peace.

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